Live Chat Support Services

In today’s highly competitive markets, any edge in sales or service you have over your competitors can make the difference in whether you gain or lose a sale. In this world of automated, touch-tone customer help systems, the ability to chat with a live person through a website is a standout feature. Having such a feature on your website, especially when a competitor doesn’t, may be the crucial selling point that compels a potential customer to choose you over a competitor. URL Chat Support Services offers you complete solution of Live Chat Support using Comm100 chat.

Track Visitors on your website

Support Agent monitors & tracks visitors coming to website from different locations world over. If a visitor is found potential he throws chat request & starts chat session on willingness of the visitor. Hundreds of pass away visitors can be converted to potential leads.

Visitors on your site can chat with you

Any visitor on your website can click on a chat link on your website and ask you questions live. You can chat
with multiple visitors, help them with their queries, guide them to specific pages, give them a presentation and so on. It is as close to a face-to-face interaction as you can possibly get.

A Wide Array of Benefits

Increased Customer Satisfaction :

In today’s world where information can be searched for and almost anything can be done in a click of the mouse – consumers have gotten impatient. They want their needs and inquiries to be addressed instantaneously.

Just imagine what will happen if a customer with a problem wants to get in touch with you and you only have a few phone representatives to answer calls – so the line is busy. If the customer gets impatient, he or she might end up switching loyalties to another company who can fulfil their needs immediately.

The same thing applies if a customer sends you an inquiry through e-mail and it takes a long time for you to respond.

This is where live chat systems help increase customer satisfaction. By simply subscribing to a live chat system, your site visitors can easily get in touch with you via live chat.

Increased Sales and Improved Corporate Branding:

Again, it all boils down to the instantaneous factor and the easy accessibility of live chat help. The quicker your answers to the customer’s inquiries are, the more positive the results you will get. Aside from increased sales, you will also gain the customer’s trust and loyalty.

Reduced Operational Costs :

Outsourcing your activity to us will reduce your operational cost as we operate 24/7 & have ability to manage man power. Our agents are professionally trained to handle even most impatient customers. We manage it all for you…. Computer, Internet, Man power, training, reporting, etc.

Live Chat Helps Optimize Your Online Business :
Better faith, Better interaction, Better Communication & Faster Sales !! What else…

Lastly, a live chat service helps optimize your online business.

URL Live Chat Support Services give you an edge over to give immediate response, customer support and information to website visitors and customers with an added extra human touch. It enhances your ability to sell and support over the web by providing a comprehensive, easy to use solution that brings you and your site visitors closer together. This interaction takes place at precisely those moments in which a site visitor is in the greatest need of personal contact. Website visitors get immediate, real-time on-demand help and enables website owners to track and communicate with visitors to their site.

Our mission is to provide an affordable, yet enterprise level live chat support services, which put their customers in the first place. We listen to your customers. The solutions we provide are designed and built around your needs. They integrate easily with your existing and future systems with a very easy set up.

Making difference to your online business…

Making eCommerce really work….

Do you know?

  • Almost 60% customers prefer live online help as compared to telephone assistance & E-mail.
  • Live Chat increases conversation rate between visitors and website by 35%.
  • An online customer who uses the “Live Chat” is 25% more likely to make a purchase than a customer who does not.
  • There has been a prediction that 75 million US websites will use chat for providing services in 2015.

Agent Services

  • 24/7 Support ( In 3 shifts )
  • Agent seats in our Chat Call Centre
  • Training should be provided by company along with documents.
  • Pre-defined chat documents will be prepared jointly for smooth operations.

Agent Costing per shift

  • We charge per shift of 8 hours per Month depending on no. of seats required as per traffic.
  • Includes Computer, Infrastructure, Internet, Manpower & Management