A decade of growth in service, satisfaction and increase of customer base has stamped our presence and position as a leading IT services provider. Speaking itself is the milestone of over 4500+ customers that URL Software is having and growing four fold.

Understanding the customer and their business more than themselves and then providing the solution makes us like a sparkling star shining in a no-moon night. To us, customer’s goal and satisfaction are more important than ours.

A lot of things have changed over time, but some of it that hasn’t changed are our Aim, Belief, Ethics, Goals, Motto, Out of the Box Thinking, and Standards. With almost every industry as a part of our portfolio, our team possesses rich experience in varied segments of IT.

We need quality people with sharp brains who can invest their ideas and intelligence.

We take pride in creating an exciting and very much lively workplace that is with skills and lots of new innovation and that is recognized as a top employer. Great ideas can come from everywhere in the organization, and we know the next big idea could be yours.

From developing advanced technology and products to collaborating with exceptional employees and serving our communities, URL Software Pvt. Ltd. is redefining the true meaning of great success.

URL Software Pvt. Ltd. is committed to equal employment opportunity and employment equality throughout all different levels of the organization. We welcome a diverse, qualified candidate pool, thus welcoming and encouraging diversity in the workplace.